12 arguments for a raw material transition


With this publication, we provide a brief and precise overview of the status quo in the use of metallic raw materials: Germany's enormous consumption of raw materials is water- and land-intensive, endangers lives, and makes people and countries in the global South dependent. At the same time, metallic raw materials are a blind spot in German sustainability policy.

The global problems in raw materials mining and processing cannot be tackled with greater efficiency, better recycling systems and new technologies alone. So far, the issues of availability, finiteness and sustainable use of metals have only been marginally addressed in the necessary debates on energy transition, transport transition, agricultural transition and digitalization.

Together with our partners, we want to show how necessary it is to change our economic model. We are also formulating initial ideas on what this change should look like in concrete terms. In doing so, we are also responding to the growing global resistance to mining projects.

Revised version of the brochure, February 2021.

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