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Cobalt can be characterized as one of the most critical resources of our times. First, it is defined as critical raw material by industry-networks that are highly dependent on cobalt for the production of batteries and alloys for future technologies. It is, moreover, seen critical by human rights defenders and ecologists. They are not willing to accept environmental disasters and social abuses that are linked to the extraction and processing of cobalt ores. Thirdly, cobalt is critical to small scale miners in the DR Congo who are producing a substantial share of the coveted material, risking their health under hazardous working conditions.

The newly published INKOTA report on cobalt clearly indicates: Industries benefitting from cobalt extraction need to assume responsibility for the respect of human rights and ecologic standards along the value chain. An imperative that is still rarely implemented to date.

The most important facts about cobalt extraction are presented in two sections of the report. Part 1 describes the status quo of current cobalt extraction practices and trade, focusing on the main supplier of cobalt, the DR Congo. Part 2 offers elaborate approaches to establishing fair practices along cobalt value chains.

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